Welcome to FireflyK9!

FireflyK9 sells the highest quality Search & Rescue K9 Team products available such as lighted vests and collars.

Firefly was born from the desire to offer a high quality product to working dog handlers and dog owners in general. There are many similar products out there on the market right now and many of them are quite good in their own right. What I offer here is what I think, is the better mouse trap.

As a dog handler on a Search & Rescue K9 Team myself, I use and have team mates who use a lot of safety products. Those of us who work a dog know that we need equipment that is not going to fail us when the going gets tough. These products are what I see as improvements in the quality of materials and the attention to detail that is lacking in others.

As volunteers, we also know that what we buy, we pay for out of pocket. There is no reimbursement for the equipment we purchase and we want it to last and be the best we can afford. We want our K9 partners to be protected when we are working and we make sure they have the best as well.

These days are tough; money and time are at a premium. I have created a product that will survive the elements and the abuse our partners can put it through. I strive to sell you a quality product at a lower cost than the other guy and get it in your hand as quickly as possible. If at any time you have a complaint or a suggestion to improve my products, let me know.

My guarantee is simple, if it fails for any reason during normal use, I will repair or replace it for the cost of shipping.

Ed Thayer

Dennis Ciesla

Dennis Ciesla, K9 Handler for Chesapeake Search and Rescue Dogs says about FireflyK9:

After 9 years of searching for quality gear for my K9’s, I have found the product that will stand the test of Search and Rescue requirements. Most other gear that I have tried either won’t stand up to the environment or falls apart because of faulty design and workmanship. The FireFly collar and vest illuminates extremely well in the blackest of nights and in heavy underbrush; it resists failure due to the elements of moisture, mud, dirt...FireFly is my choice of Search Gear for my K9’s. When a person’s life is on the line I’m confident that FireFly will do its job to keep my partner visible and safe allowing us to complete our mission successfully.